Always the Optimist

I always look up.

It’s just me. I look up at the sky and follow the contrails of planes heading to destinations that I’ve been or will go to.

I sometimes look down.

It’s just me. I’m just being sure that I’m on the path to where I’m going.

I sometimes wander.

It’s just me. I have no straight paths to my destination.

I’m always late.

It’s just me. I’m going to get there.

Korean Entertainment

Why am I so drawn to it? Korean entertainment is truly fascinating! I mean, honestly, I despise romance. However, I’ve been glued to DramaFever, Viki, MyAsianTV and other sites.

The leading ladies are not the typical “damsel in distress” you find in most romance shows in the US. They are hard working, even though I don’t get the being 30 and the “first kiss” thing. My first kiss was at 16 and the guy was gay. I lost my virginity when I turned 20. I don’t know the target market for their shows, but most of the say 15.  That’s probably why they swirl around the being virtuous stuff. Otherwise, these shows are enjoyable, even if the chicks are virginal. 

The men in the shows, while being strong, prove no match for their mothers, and are not too manly as to not cry. I like it. Except there are times when they are crying so damn much, I want to reach through the screen and give them a bottle of water. I know they have to be dehydrated, crying like that. Then again, the fellas do know how to dress. Gong Yoo in Goblin … just Google it! His attire, even when resting at home is atrociously sleek! I don’t know whether to slobber over him or to cosplay him! LOL! Lee Dong Wook looks good in anything. On the other hand, please, by all means, Google “Kim Woo Bin” in the images section. He started out as a model and Sweet Toasted Cinnamon with Drippy Butter Bread! clothes without him in it, look like scrap fabric from cosplay. Yet, in Uncontrollably Fond, his crying got on my nerves. I’ll admit though, the scene where he recognized his mother finally … yeah, it was raining Kleenex at my computer desk. That’s been my worse fear, not recognizing my family members and memory loss.

Some of the main leading females that are my favorites are:

The guys are all across the board:

Not only am I noticing the actors, but also the storylines. They can be very intricate and brought all together at the end. they are some who leaves stuff on the cutting floor [Looking at you BLADE MAN]. But the techniques in which they film, make we want to get back behind a camera, learn new technology and utilize some of this when filming at my studio. I need a green screen studio. LOL!

Alright, that’s it. I’ve got to hit the elliptical machine.

New Year, New [Insert Whatever]

So, everyone says 2016 was a bad year. Not really for me. Sure, I lost my 16/17-year-old cat, Mr. Hat, to euthanization because of his kidneys. He was a good, lovable kitty. But, I went to Greece and had an amazing time. I’ve started my masters degree, but trying to figure out if I should continue or just go traveling more. I want to start up a blog about traveling. However, I want to start a blog of my writings, as well as, one of my diet. I have to get in shape for my trip to Vietnam and South Korea. I just feel with all of the hilly regions, I’m going to need to take the weight off. I can’t be huffing and puffing up to a temple and die right there. That would be embarrassing and a hassle to get my body back to the states. #Fighting

Vacation Destination(s) for 2017 Decided

After a meeting with the husband, and some negotiations, we have decided on taking our annual Labor Day week-ish vacation to Vietnam. Here we will stay on the Saigon River in the An Lam resort.

We both enjoy Vietnamese cuisine and areas with plenty of water to swim and sail. I am extra excited because it’s closer to a destination I previously had in mind, South Korea! He knows I’ve been heavily into Korean dramas and some K-Pop. However, we’re both looking for spots for great pictures during our travels.

I’m trying to coax in an additional week with him to visit South Korea. Wish me luck!

Postponing My Studies

I feel I have been burning my candle with a blowtorch! I love my career; however, this master’s program is a full-time job, despite having classes only on Saturday.

On top of that, because of the C (which I find a bit unfair due to the quality of my projects), my financial aid has been terminated. I fall .09 points below a 3.0 GPA, for a total of a 2.91. I am disappointed, but also disheartened because I love the program, but the comments from the financial aid department and program leader at American University. I went asking for help so that I can keep my financial aid and continue, but after being declined, I was asked if I knew the hardship and complications of paying for school out-of-pocket. What the hell kind of question is that? Even still, I had no choice. I have to pay out of pocket. Sure it’ll save me the interest of not having a student loan. I just need to do what’s best for me.

So I’m postponing until the Summer of 2017. I can jump right back in at AU, or Syracuse is tempting me with the same program, but online and at an affordable tuition.

Also, I have realize that I have a great career that I love. It’s hard to find your own sandbox. I’m the “adapt and overcome”-type person, but I am at a level in my career where a master’s degree would have me. In the meantime, I’ll keep my brain active with some courses at Coursera. There’s a scriptwriting course and the Strategic Communications certification that I could get there. Wish me luck!