New Year, New [Insert Whatever]

So, everyone says 2016 was a bad year. Not really for me. Sure, I lost my 16/17-year-old cat, Mr. Hat, to euthanization because of his kidneys. He was a good, lovable kitty. But, I went to Greece and had an amazing time. I’ve started my masters degree, but trying to figure out if I should continue or just go traveling more. I want to start up a blog about traveling. However, I want to start a blog of my writings, as well as, one of my diet. I have to get in shape for my trip to Vietnam and South Korea. I just feel with all of the hilly regions, I’m going to need to take the weight off. I can’t be huffing and puffing up to a temple and die right there. That would be embarrassing and a hassle to get my body back to the states. #Fighting

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