My Big Fat Greek Vacation

Here are the pictures from my trip to Greece. I had a wonderful time.  More later:


We met some wonderful people in Greece.  They were nothing like you’d see on our news channels. They welcomed immigrants. They helped as much as they could. They welcomed Brian and me and treated us fantastically.  I was surprised because they were more worried about my existence in America with the police brutality than anything. We had great conversations. 

Translation was a bit rough to begin, but we memorized tram stop signage. We were able to get back and forth from our hotel to Kalamaki Beach or down to the “tourist” district. The Tourist District was all shopping.  We only went for trinkets to take home. We spent more time at the beach.  I will say that the Sunset Cruise we took, was way more worth it!  We’d sail, swim, eat, swim, sail and watch the sunset. It was so worth the trip. 

High Note: I lost major weight eating and walking here.  My back didn’t hurt as much. I was able to do things. Low Note: We had to go home to go back to work.