Las Vegas 2014: Trip #1

WHAT A TRIP!  I couldn’t even complain.  If you ever visit Las Vegas, go in mid- to  late-May. The weather was really nice. We flew out from a chilly Reagan National Airport and landed in warm Las Vegas.  As always, Brian got me a seat at the window right behind the wing.  I can never resist taking video of the take-offs and landings. That seat and those videos have become a tradition now.

This was our first trip from the time share special invitation deal that my sister had gotten us.  I had to make Vegas my first stop.

We stayed in the Excalibur hotel and casino. The room was really nice, although the view could have been a little better. At least we had a sight of some of the strip, the NY NY coaster and the MGM.  However, seventy-five percent of our visual was vastness of the hotel from the outside.  It didn’t matter. It’s not we came to Vegas to stay locked up in our Ivory Tower room.  We got out and took in the city for all three days.  We even decided to spend an extra day.

Places to Visit:

  1. The Wicked Spoon: The best buffet you will ever come across in Las Vegas!
  2. The Dancing Fountain: Shows are frequent, but make sure you get a close view.
  3. Any of the Cirque du Soleil shows: We went to Ka, O and Mystere. Each were excellent, except the ending of Ka.

Massanutten 2014: Trip #2

I know I went backwards. I can’t tell you about the first trip yet.

I was ready for this trip! I had just spent four weeks teaching energetic and excited teenagers about television studio productions. They had published their first DVD of their creative work and I was ready to zip out.  At exactly noon, I said goodbye to the kids and thanked their parents. This was a much needed vacation, similar to the one they had when I had their children for those four hours each day for two weeks.

So I told you about Brian and I getting two free trips from a time share special invitation.  This was the first trip, Massanutten, Virginia.  Sounds porn-ish, but this mountain town was very quaint, solitary and relaxing! Without including the pool and other activities, this town’s resort had an indoor water park!  You could water park year-round! I don’t think I would ever get Brian to leave this place.

On the second day, we decided to go tubing. Talk about relaxing.  You have to be in the right position, but wow! There could be nothing more relaxing than floating down the Shenandoah River.  The pictures prove it.  Brian felt like he had conquered the world after the tubing expedition. Just look at his face.

The trip was enjoyable. Even the Domino’s delivery was nice. Overall, I give this town two thumbs up and a definitely will return.

Eastern Shore 2014

It started out when my sister gave me an invitation to a special her time share was running.  We could have two trips for spending a weekend in Williamsburg.  Who couldn’t resist?  We drove down to Williamsburg, spent the weekend at the time share location and got our vouchers for two more trips.  This article has nothing to do with that.  This was our return home from a weekend in Williamsburg. We stopped in the Eastern Shore to relax even more.